ANA raises international fuel surcharge

ANA applied to the Japanese government to raise its fuel surcharge on international tickets issued on or after October 15 this year.ANA regrets that despite constant efforts to reduce costs and secure greater operating efficiencies, long-term rises in the price of crude oil mean that it must ask its valued customers to share the increased cost burden.

The international fuel surcharge has been in place since February 1, 2005. It will be reduced if the market price of Singapore kerosene falls below US$80 per barrel for 30 consecutive days, and thereafter as the market price continues to fall, measured in units of US$5. Likewise it will be discontinued completely if the market price drops below US$40 per barrel for 30 consecutive days. Please refer to the chart below for details.

ANA has also been nominated at this year’s World Travel Awards in the category of Asia’s Leading Airline.