Nexion supports GDS programs

Nexion is pledging its support of all Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
optional programs designed to give travel agents full content and
protection from airline-imposed service fees. As a host agency participating in all the major GDSs, Nexion acted to protect the
efficiency and profitability of its agent members by joining these
optional programs that counter the inefficiencies caused by content
  “Nexion has over 2,000 travel agent members, and it is incumbent
upon us to make decisions that have a positive impact on their
day-to-day business,” said Jackie Friedman, vice president of Operations
and Business Development, Nexion. “We completed our due diligence on the
various GDS opt-in programs and made the decision to participate in
programs like Sabre’s Efficient Access Solution that will ensure that
our members have the best possible access to full content.”
  After comparing the available optional programs and their impact on
agents, Nexion decided to join all GDS optional programs because of the
high costs of searching multiple sources and the protection from
airlines service fees.
  “Our agents are independent, yet they depend on Nexion to protect
their best interests and profitability,” continued Friedman. “Time spent
searching multiple sources to book a hotel and flight for a family
vacation represents time our agents could have spent building additional
revenue. We recognize each GDS with an optional program has carefully
planned their program to counter inefficiencies, protect full content
and shield agents from airlines service fees. That’s why Nexion supports
all such programs.”
  Nexion establishes relationships between industry-leading suppliers
and member agents. Therefore, the host agency is interested in seeing
all airlines sign full content agreements with all GDSs.
  “The ability to help agents form profitable relationships with all
airlines that are important to their customers is critical to the
success of Nexion and our members,” said Friedman. “We encourage all
parties to work together for mutual success.”