Arab business flight to service Europe

A business-class flight service will start operations in early 2007 from Ras al Khaimah Int«l airport and Germany twice a week. This project is called ‘Arabian-Wings’ and is initiated by AaS-International AG, an international acting consulting company from Seychelles with representative in Ras al Khaimah.

The flights will be conducted by a Swiss airline, only in business-class configuration with 48 seats available. Business-class means business-class with all advantages and amenities a traveller in this class can expect.

‘Beside Emirates and Lufthansa with its sheduled flights to Dubai Int«l airport we are trying to find a niche with this offer,’ the project-coordinator for this offer, Aribert Just, stated. ‘We are sure to find our customers for this service, because we see a huge demand for business-class service on this routing.’

The number of weekly flights will be extended, if the occupancy will reach more than 70% on each flight. There are also plans to setup a first-class service later on in the year. The strategy of Arabian-Wings is to bring a luxury service-product into the market focussed on the travellers needs.

OMRK Ras al Khaimah Int«l airport was selected as the airport of entry to the UAE because of the short time for immigration and customs on arrival and departure as well as all the facilities on hand, e.g. duty-free shop.


A chauffeur/limousine service for travellers will be established to bring the passengers to RAK, Dubai, Fujeirah, Sharjah, Ajman and Qumm al Quwain. All these cities are within 10-40 minutes from RAK-airport.