The "Spa Effect" Market 2006

Identify who are the main users of spa services and products?

Spa experience well-being, de-tox, de-stress, pamper.

Questions Answered in this Report:

What is the “spa experience”?

What does “to continue the spa experience” actually mean?

Does “spa experience” mean different things for different consumers?

Who are the main users of spa services and products?

What do consumers want from the “spa experience”?

Spa regulations

Scope of Research: Global (including the US, Europe, Japan, Asia, Latin America and Australia)

Who Can Benefit From This Research?


Any large company operating spas or selling spa related or bathroom equipment, fittings, installations, design nationally or globally can benefit from this intelligence. They include:

Fitness Club, Hotels/Resort Spa Operators

Bathrooms (Homes, Hotels, Retirement Communities, Resorts, Clubs)

Bathroom (furniture, bathroom fittings tubs, sinks, storage, tiles, paint) Makers

Housing Developers, Architects, Installers.

Products (Soaps, Candles Towels, Robes)

Tool and Equipment (lasers, foot spas) Manufacturers

Professionals such as Physiologists, Kinesiologists, Sports Nutritionists, Chiropractors,

Physical Therapists, Sports psychologists and other related expertise
Sources: The author has analysed spa and salon market intelligence gathered from interviews conducted with hundreds of day spa, hair salon, fitness club managers and professional beauty market experts globally over the last 7 years. These experts represent hundreds of thousands of service visits to spas, salons and clubs.


Phenomenal Market Growth

The US day spa market has evolved from almost nothing a decade ago to a major industry now worth almost $US11 billion in value. Non-traditional client segments (such as baby-boomers, career women and men of all ages) and new beauty and wellness service concepts (like pampering, de-stressing, relaxation) created this market.

At-Home Spa Experience

The spa-goer now wants to continue the spa experience at home or in the hotel just as some years ago fitness clubs popularized the creation of mini gym in hotels or at -home.

A new and lucrative market is being created as people build and remodel pampering areas, bathrooms, outdoor tubs and pools to re-create the spa experience. This can entail installing a larger bath tub, expensive remodelling of a bathroom, creating a space suitable for various - bathing to meditation - rituals or just adding a few candles and mirrors.

Market Opportunity

This change in consumer behavior presents an opportunity for bathroom designers, manufacturers and installers to deliver the at-home spa. The potential market is huge given that almost 40% of 123 million housing units in the US have two or more bathrooms or that approximately a quarter of new home completions have three or more bathrooms.

Leading spa operators are best placed to explain the “spa experience”. The author has analysed spa and salon market intelligence to evaluate and determine consumer beauty/wellness requirements. It has distilled this knowledge into an actionable report which can help bathroom designers and manufacturers deliver the at-home “spa experience” and increase sales.

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