US, Kuwait sign open-skies pact

The United States and Kuwait have agreed to remove all barriers limiting the number and range of commercial airline flights between the two countries. The agreement, known as an Open-Skies agreement, means U.S. and Kuwaiti airlines will be free to set service schedules and prices between the two countries based on travel demand.

U.S. Ambassador Richard LeBaron and Kuwaits Director of Civil Aviation Yacoob Al-Saqer signed the agreement in Kuwait City.

Both sides agreed to apply the terms of the agreement immediately, pending ratification by the Kuwaiti Parliament.

This agreement will allow airlines from both countries to expand and improve their service, Acting U.S. Transportation Secretary Maria Cino said.

Open-Skies agreements permit unrestricted air service by the airlines of both sides between and beyond the others territory, without restrictions on how often the carriers can fly, the prices they charge, or the kind of aircraft they use.


The accord with Kuwait also will allow all-cargo carriers to fly between the other country and third countries without directly connecting to their homeland.

Although this is the first air services agreement between the two countries, Kuwait Airways has served the United States since 1978 by the mutual agreement of the two governments.

The United States now has Open-Skies relationships with 77 aviation partners, including six in the Middle East.