Survey: Biz travellers unfazed by terrorism

The recent unsuccessful terrorist attempt on U.S. airlines has done little to curtail the domestic and international travel of small business travelers, according to a recent survey.The survey by the American Small Business Travelers Alliance (ASBTA) also revealed an overall sense of confidence among small business travelers regarding both current and proposed increased security measures.

“Although terrorism is a concern to everyone, the results of our survey show that small business travelers have overwhelmingly responded to recent events with pragmatism and aplomb,” said Chuck Sharp, ASBTA President. “They seem confident in the measures being taken to protect them and their fellow travelers, and appear ready and willing to adapt to new security measures.”

The 2006 ASBTA Airline Security Survey found that a majority of respondents (68 percent) believe airport security plans are headed in the right direction considering recent events and the overall war on terrorism. Most (81 to 89 percent) further indicated that the recent terrorist attempt does not change their plans for domestic or international travel, business related or otherwise.

The survey also asked small business travelers to weigh in on a program being developed by The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and private industry called the Registered Traveler program, which will provide expedited airport screening for frequent flyers who complete a security threat assessment and provide biometric information—such as fingerprints or iris scans—and biographic details. According to the survey results, 77 percent of small business travelers would like to see such a program implemented.

“The intrepid spirit that is characteristic of many small business owners really comes through in the results of our airline security survey,” said Sharp. “These are people who have had to overcome obstacles and challenges to build their businesses, and they’re not about to let terrorist intimidation keep them from moving forward.”