Sichuan rolls out mobile eticketing

Shanghai SmartPay Jieyin Ltd. (“SmartPay”), a company working in electronic payment systems, and Chongqing Run Feng Airlines Services Co., Ltd. (“Run Feng”), the biggest airline ticketing agent in Chongqing, recently announced the launch of mobile airline e-ticketing for customers in the Chongqing region. SmartPay and Run Feng’s service allows customers to purchase airline e-tickets by sending a simple SMS or IVR instruction.

With the movement toward nationwide airline e-ticketing in China, and Run Feng’s leadership in the south west region, the joint cooperation is a key example of how SmartPay works with leading merchants to innovate and launch new payment methods.

SmartPay has launched the service building upon its extensive network of relationships with banks and mobile operators in the region. Run Feng processes over RMB 200 million worth of air tickets annually.