Thailand launches travel portal

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched its new e-marketing campaign which includes phase two
of Thailand’s biggest online travel portal, the launch today, TAT Governor Ms Juthamas Siriwan, said that the
campaign would seek to achieve 200 million baht (US$5.3 million) in
transactions from 20,000 online bookings on
between now and the end of August 2007.

The first phase of created 80 million baht of
online transactions for the six Andaman provinces of Thailand in the
seven months to April this year. Phase two features “hot” deals from
hotels and tour operators throughout Thailand. All of Thailand’s
travel industry is now being encouraged to place “hot” travel products
on the portal.

Within the countries, the e-marketing campaign will promote both
mass-market travel products and target niche interest consumers such
as “metrosexuals”, single ladies, expatriates in Asia, and visitors
interested in cosmetic surgery, spa, golf, diving, eco-adventures, or
buying a 2nd property in Thailand.

Industry partnerships will be leveraged and the TAT will buy online
advertising and search engine positions on global consumer websites
such as Google and Yahoo! Twenty e-mail campaigns derived from
internet-based customer relationship management expertise (CRM) will
be used. The TAT will also launch a weblog award for consumers in

At the launch today, Ms Juthamas said: “The TAT has always considered
the online tourist market as a strategic segment for growth. The TAT
is outsourcing its e-marketing campaign in order to meet the needs of
that unique market segment. The 27 countries that lead the global
ranks in online travel booking will be exclusively targeted.”


The TAT Governor added: “ has been designed to
promote a wide variety of general and niche products at ‘hot’ prices.
It is an on-going initiative that will continue to grow. will come close to reflecting the full diversity
of travel experiences that Thailand has to offer.”

Ms Juthamas invited the travel industry to submit “hot” deals to She said: “By ‘hot deals’ I don’t mean those that
will burn a hole in visitors’ pockets, but deals that will burn a
favourable impression in their hearts - so that they go home and
spread the good word about Thailand to their friends, neighbours and
work colleagues.”

Over 100 hotel properties have already created special prices and
packages for which, as an online gateway, has been
designed to drive bookings to hotels’ and tour operators’ existing
online booking engines.