Sharjah airport shows growth

Sharjah International Airport witnessed an increase in aircraft movement by 21.6%, cargo by 28.3% and 45.4% in passenger traffic in July 2006 compared to July 2005. The positive results in July 2006 are testimony to the conscientious efforts of the airport’s staff and the special services available at the airport for passengers & operating airlines.

One of these distinctive features is the ‘Hala’ service which inbound and outbound passengers can avail of as well as the arrangements made by the various departments like Immigration, Customs and Police to create an uncomplicated system for travellers. July is the peak travel season for the year where there is a boost in passenger traffic to different sectors.

However in comparison to July 2005, the visible increase in numbers at the Sharjah International Airport is due to the numerous facilities and smooth travel procedures in place for inbound & outbound flyers. The Sharjah International Airport recently witnessed the arrival of the first flight at the new arrivals hall which is just one of the key steps in the massive expansion project the airport has undertaken. With the completion of the expansion, by early next year the Sharjah International Airport will have the capacity to accommodate up to 8 millions passengers.

Recent airport’s statistics released have shown a sharp rise in passenger numbers at the Sharjah International Airport from 194.993 passengers in July 2005 to 283.483 passengers in July this year. Inbound traffic itself has seen its figures climb from 83,043 passengers as of July 2005 to 121,499 passengers in July 2006. Additionally outbound passenger records indicate a commendable growth from 99,352 passengers in July 2005 to 135,105 passengers as of July 2006. Aside from these positive results, the statistics of transit passengers have also witnessed an upswing from 4,199 passengers in July 2005 up to 18,536 passengers in July 2006.

In terms of aircraft movements, there was a boom from 3,053 in July 2005 to 3,713 in July 2006. representing a 21.62% increase. Scheduled aircraft movements through the airport also experienced an upsurge from 2,300 flights as of July 2005 to 2,809 flights in July 2006. Additionally, there was an increase in the unscheduled aircraft movements from 753 flights in July 2005 to 904 flights in July 2006.


Cargo activities have also achieved positive results with a 28.34% increase, with cargo of 36.355 tons passing through as of July 2005 to a quantity of 46.659 tons this July. Imports increased from 5,143 tons in July 2005 to 5,936 tons in July 2006. Exports experienced an increase 9,001 tons in July 2005 to 9,519 tons in July 2006. Even transferred cargo increased from 1,482 tons in July 2005 to 6,450 tons in July 2006. There was an increase in transit cargo as well from 20,729 tons in 2005 to 24,754 tons in July 2006.