Fashion designer looks to China Southern

China Southern Airlines has unveil a chic new collection of Flight Attendant uniforms that would turn heads from the catwalk of any Paris or New York fashion show. Starting August 28th, China Southern will “send an unmistakable message to the airline world that we have arrived on the global stage ... and we are here to stay,” said Mr. He Zong Kai, Vice President, China Southern Airlines.

Mr. He added that, “gone are the old days of Militaristic-style uniforms of one solid color. China Southern has arrived on the International jet set and our new look is a bold statement to say this is who we are in our China Southern Airlines and we are proud of our airline and our people. And we have every right to be. The more than 40,000 staff of China Southern has worked diligently to build our airline company into one of the world’s best ... now is the time to strut our stuff!”

More than 18 designs were submitted by fashion designers around the globe with the final models taken from a collection by Mr. Soh.

As part of the fashion statements of his design, the 6,000 China Southern Flight Attendants will be featured in Mr. Soh’s concept is to create a unique “Oriental Culture”, one which is harmoniously blended with China Southern’s unique individuality as the largest airline of China”. The designer took the Orient as his canvas and molded in the aesthetic essence from the East while using functionality from Western elements to craft this charming new identity for China Southern Airlines.

Mr. Soh’s collection includes the company’s traditional colors of red and blue ... but significantly advanced it with winter coats and aprons as well as varieties of suits, shirts, vests, pants and even a windbreaker.


Mr. Soh also used pink silks to accent his designs to create comfortable contours. His fluid designs accent the natural beauty of each of the Flight Attendants with angled lines and delicate use of gold accents.

Suites of red and blue striped fabric are bold and empower each uniform with its own lively appeal. The overall effect is warm, clean and elegant ... and clearly places China Southern on the same International platform as any of the world’s best airlines.


China Southern’s new Flight Attendant uniforms have applications of China’s best woolen cloth, with shirts from with famous Japanese manufacturers and imported clothing including Italian cashmere. All seven variation of Mr. Soh’s work are electrostatic and wrinkle-free ... yet are waterproof and breathable.