National highlights Brit road risks

In light of the Foreign Office report highlighting the risks British
travellers may face when abroad, National Car Rental is providing advice and tips on
the road rules of some of the most popular holiday destinations around the world.
Thousands of people have been heading abroad during the summer months - but leading
car rental company, National Car Rental, wonders if they have been properly prepared
for driving on foreign roads.  Research from National shows that 41% of drivers
don’t even check the rules of the road before they go abroad - resulting in 26%
admitting to experiencing a near miss when driving on foreign soil.

National is helping travellers ensure they are up to date on all the road rules for
their destination, from the obvious to the obscure, with Drive Safe.  This exclusive
online international road safety initiative provides tips and advice on the rules of
the road in over 40 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America and
Canada - for free.

Top 5 Destinations For Brits And Driving Rules To Be Aware Of


1. Viva Espana!


Spain is still the number one holiday hotspot for Brits heading abroad - home of
sun, sand and sangria.  But did you know it is illegal to use mobile phone ear
connectors while driving in Spain?  In fact, officials can impose a fine of up to
?300 - not the best way to kick off a summer break!  Speeding can also leave a sting
in the tail in Spain, with fines calculated at ?6 per kilometre over the speed limit
and payable on the spot. Drink driving regulations are another law to be aware of;
the consequences of driving under the effects of alcohol are severe in Spain! And
people should be aware that it can take up to six months before a letter arrives
demanding a 450 Euro[ii] fine for drink driving offences - That’s a long time to be
quaking in your boots!



2. Je’taime la France.

A country associated with romance and the finer things in life, France is an
increasingly popular destination for Brits with families and couples alike.  But
like everywhere, France has its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to the rules of the
road.  The last car in a queue of slow moving traffic must use hazard-warning lights
- and being a tourist doesn’t make you exempt.  Visiting drivers who exceed the
speed limit by more than 40kmh (24mph) will have their license confiscated on the


3. Glorious Greece

Greece - an ancient historic land of passionate people.  But using the car horn
whilst driving in Greece could leave drivers with little to celebrate - multi-tonal
horns are against the law.  Drivers should also take extra care when deciding where
to park - anywhere within 3 metres of a fire hydrant or within 15 metres of a public
transport stop is strictly forbidden!


4. USA - Land of Hope and Glory?

It is common knowledge that drinking is forbidden in many US states until the age of
21.  But motorists should be aware that alcohol must be carried in the boot of the
vehicle.  Parking is another pitfall to watch out for as drivers who extend their
stay in a metered bay can be fined - this is regarded as meter feeding and is a
fineable offence in many states in the USA.


5. Mamma Mia!

Lovers of art, music and architecture flock to the cultural centres of Rome, Venice,
Verona and Florence to enjoy a laid back holiday in this beautiful country. But
drivers should be aware that the Italians aren’t so laid back when it comes to
speeding, imposing particularly heavy fines on anyone breaking the limit - so make
sure you stay within the law!


“These examples are just a taster of the diversity of the rules and regulations
holidaymakers need to be aware of when driving abroad” comments Rebecca Madden,
International Marketing Manager at National Car Rental.  “Thankfully, Drive Safe has
it all covered, offering these tips and much more, so tourists can concentrate on
having a great holiday.”

National has also been nominated this year for a


World Travel Award as World’s Leading Business Car Rental Company.