Activitybreaks signs Shannon Airport is signing a new partnership with Shannon Airport in Ireland, which will be effective from today.

This now means that customers flying directly from Shannon, will have a range of activities to choose from through as short breaks and ‘things to do’ are offered at all European destinations that can be reached by flying from Shannon Airport.

Katy Knox, Commercial Director of explains:

“We were finding that over the past 12 months we had an increasing number of customers who were flying from Shannon airport.  As such, we decided to link up with Shannon. This partnership means that you can now use to find out what there is to do at all of the European and UK destinations with direct access from Shannon.  Both accommodation and activities can now be booked online.

“Now people can choose an activity that is just that little bit different, such as a Chocolate tour in Barcelona, a cooking holiday in the Roman countryside, or a Madonna concert in London.”


Declan Power, Head of Marketing for Shannon Airport commented:

“This is an exciting time for Shannon Airport with passenger numbers and destinations served at a record high.  The airport authority aims to encourage customers to visit the website regularly where they will find out everything they need to know about planning a trip to and from Shannon Airport.  The link with Activity Breaks is another step in the process of making a one-stop shop for travellers through Shannon Airport.

“We are delighted that more holidaymakers will be flying to and from Shannon Airport to avail of the range of Activitybreaks on offer. Many people come to our website to find out where they can fly to but now they can also find out what they can do when they get there and we think that’s an important service”.

Katy Knox added:

“Activitybreaks has enjoyed a formal partnership with Ryanair since its fruition 18 months ago by offering people from across the globe the opportunity to choose from thousands of dynamic activities, tickets and excursions available at Ryanair destinations.

“Since Ryanair announced, that Shannon Airport was to become its 12th major European Base, Activitybreaks has been keen to develop activities for those using Shannon airport.  This is a model that we plan to roll out with other proactive airports in UK and Ireland. More and more people are using airport websites as an information resource so why not tell people what they can do when they fly from your airport?”