New regional jet for Lufthansa

Lufthansa CityLine, a partner in the Lufthansa Regional group, is introducing a new
aircraft type.The 84-seater Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) from Canadian manufacturer
Bombardier will become the new flagship of the CRJ fleet of Lufthansa CityLine. The
first new member of the fleet was officially welcomed today at the airport of
Munich. In a ceremony the jet was named after the Bavarian city of Pfaffenhofen.

The CRJ900 Regional Jet has a larger cabin than its predecessor model in the CRJ200
series. Passengers enjoy much more space on board. Modern, comfortable seats and
greater distance between seats provide more legroom and comfort during the flight,
while additional storage capacity has been created for baggage. The interior of the
new aircraft was already completed in the new cabin design of Lufthansa’s European

“With the new aircraft model, Lufthansa CityLine is taking major step forward
economically and technologically and is thus ideally prepared to face up to the
future and the competition”, said Dr. Thomas Dräger, managing director of Lufthansa
Cityline GmbH. The new jet offers product improvements which, in particular, are of
benefit to the passengers. “The jet engines, which are particularly quiet and have
low fuel consumption, improve both the environmental values and the efficiency and
economy of our flight operations”, Dräger added. The CRJ900 complies with
Lufthansa’s high standards in terms of economic efficiency and environmental
compatibility. Emissions and noise are well below international limiting values,
fuel consumption has been reduced considerably. “A level of fuel consumption of only
3.5 litres per passenger and 100 flight-kilometers is possible under optimal
conditions”, according to Dräger. Such an excellent figure is usually only possible
with long-range operation of wide-bodied aircraft.

Lufthansa CityLine will introduce a total of twelve new CRJ900s by the end of the
year. They will replace older models of the 50-seat CRJ200, which are being phased
out gradually. The first destinations which can regularly welcome the new member of
the Lufthansa regional fleet are the airports in Munich, Brussels, Lyon,
Münster/Osnabrück, Nice, Oslo and Geneva.

The Bombardier CRJ900 is 36.4 metres long and has a wing-span of 24.9 metres. It
reaches a top speed of 820 km/h and has a maximum altitude of 12,500 metres. The
maximum take-off weight is 38 tons, it has a range of 2,100 kilometres.


Lufthansa has also been nominated this year for a


World Travel Award as World’s Leading Airline.