Colwick signs on for Sabre program

Colwick Travel Corporation has announced its participation in Sabre’s Efficient Access Solution, recently
launched by Sabre Travel Network to ensure participating agencies full
content and protection from airline-imposed service fees.Colwick
Travel, a large, Dallas-based full-service TMC, opted in to the
Efficient Access Solution to ensure that it gets the fares and schedules
its agents need to serve all their customers and to avoid fragmentation
of airline information that leads to inefficiencies and greater costs
for both TMCs and the corporations they serve.
  “To succeed in the marketplace as a corporate-focused travel agency,
we must be able to eliminate the inefficiencies and costs of searching
multiple sources for the booking information our clients need,” said
Gregory Stewart, Colwick Travel Director of Operations. “And our clients
benefit from the ability to book their travel through a single,
aggregated source as well. It makes it easier for them to enforce
corporate travel policies, reduces time corporate travelers spend
booking travel, and, in light of the recent terrorist attempts, it
becomes especially important for corporations to be able to easily
locate employees in times of crisis events.”
  Colwick Travel credits Sabre with being a long-time travel agency
advocate and leading the travel industry towards a reasonable approach
for all parties involved in travel distribution.
  “Sabre has been at the forefront of balancing the interests of the
travel agency community and the airlines’ need for cost containment,”
said Stewart. “The Efficient Access Solution gives the best protections
to travel agencies and is the right solution for Colwick Travel and our
  Furthermore, Colwick Travel believes in the strength of the GDS as
an important booking tool and is appealing to all agencies to
participate in full content programs like Sabre’s Efficient Access
  “We urge every travel agency to carefully weigh the benefits of
these programs,” said Stewart. “We fully believe opting in to Sabre’s
Efficient Access Solution gives agencies the best possible service fee
protections and content access available to meet and exceed client
expectations while managing costs.”

Sabre has also been nominated this year for a


World Travel Award as World’s Leading CRS/GDS System.