Steady growth forecast for Queenstown

Ministry of Tourism forecast figures just released predict a sustained
period of growth over the next six years for Queenstown. The New Zealand Tourism Forecasts 2006 - 2012 include projections on
guest numbers and nights, visitor spend and market of origin, and gives
a regional breakdown.

The Southern Lakes region is expected to lead the average annual growth
for visitor numbers, with the Queenstown and Lake Wanaka regions
forecast for an average 2.6% growth and Fiordland a 2.8% growth per

Destination Queenstown CEO David Kennedy said the forecast underlines
Queenstown’s premier positioning in New Zealand’s tourism marketplace.

“It is encouraging that Queenstown and the Southern Lakes region are
projected to experience some of the strongest growth in New Zealand
tourism over the next six years.”

While the outlook is good, there are still plenty of challenges ahead
for local tourism businesses according to Mr Kennedy.


“There is increasing competition in all sectors of Queenstown tourism,
from accommodation and activities, through to retail and hospitality.
The challenge for local businesses will be to maintain quality product
and focused marketing. It’s also important to be aware that the figures
do not take into account unforeseen global shocks and businesses need to
be realistic about the state of the world and be prepared for the
possibility of such shocks.”