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European site offers custom bookings has re-designed its website making it the only site in the world where a user can customise and book a flexible multi-city independent vacation package from a single screen.Users can book itineraries that include up to 12 cities connected via train or car. The site gives up to 200 discounted flight options, ample hotel options in each city as well as local transfers and extensive sightseeing and activities.

This represents a break with the past, when the typical traveler could only book online one city at a time, or at the most 2-city combinations. For more complex packages, customers used to resort to the services of an offline travel agency (time consuming) or to embark upon an escorted tour, with fixed departures, and not a lot of independence.

Not anymore. With, travelers will be able to build complex packages on the fly, checking inventory in real time.

Visitors to have two distinct options: build their itinerary on their own or customize suggested itineraries posted on the site.

If travelers feel rather confident about traveling to Europe, they can start by entering a succession of cities on the home page. They will thus be able to build their itinerary as they please. The following screen will give them the possibility to see the choices for their air tickets, transfers, and transportation. While the default choice is the least expensive combination, it is possible to browse through hundreds of choices of air routes, hotels, transfers, trains, and cars.


The second option simplifies things for the busy traveler or for the first time traveler to the desired destination. has built hundreds of suggested itineraries. These trips are simply a suggestion, a starting point for visitors to get an idea of all the possible combinations, as well as seize upon the agency’s knowledge of the travel world.

For example, if a traveler knows their destination is Italy but has no idea of which cities to visit, she can browse through a list of suggested trips, and pick the one she likes most. Then, she can adjust the number of nights in each city, and price the package, adding and removing components on the fly.