United applies for Beijing flight

United Airlines has applied for daily nonstop service between Washington,
D.C., and Beijing.The proposed capital-to-capital service will support
better economic and political relations between China and the United
States, and will provide United’s passenger and cargo customers with
nonstop access between two of the world’s most prominent capital cities.
If approved, the service will begin in March 2007.

“United has long been committed to China,” says Glenn F. Tilton,
chairman and CEO of United Airlines. “More than 20 years ago, United
took steps to enter the China market at a time when no other U.S.
carrier would attempt it. Since then, United has steadily built the
aviation market between the United States and China. Today, we operate
four daily nonstop flights between the two countries benefiting
businesses and communities on both sides of the Pacific.”

In support of this new route application, Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of
the U.S. House of Representatives said in a letter to the Department of
Transportation, “Washington, D.C., is the largest metropolitan area in
the United States without nonstop air service to China.
Capital-to-capital service will support the continuous dialogue that is
critically needed between these two governments as China continues to
grow in the global economy. More opportunity for interaction between
U.S. and Chinese policymakers is needed as we work through the economic
and political challenges that face our countries.”

Approximately 25 percent of United’s capacity currently serves the
Asia-Pacific, and United continues to strengthen its commitment to this
fast-growing region. In addition to providing customers with service to
China, United is also helping develop the Chinese aviation industry. The
company was the first U.S. carrier to establish an aviation management
exchange/training program at the Civil Aviation University of China in
Tianjin. United is also a major sponsor of the Wright Brothers
Partnership, which provides training and technical expertise to the
Chinese aviation industry.

“United has our enthusiastic support for this service,” says James E.
Bennett, president and chief executive officer of the Metropolitan
Washington Airports Authority. “The Washington, D.C., area is the
largest China travel market in the United States without any nonstop
service to China, and this service is long overdue. The Washington,
D.C., region has had the largest job growth in the United States over
the past five years. There has been rapid growth in the
D.C.-Virginia-Maryland regional economy, and China’s economy is
extremely dynamic. It is time for capital-to-capital service.”


United has also been nominated this year for a


World Travel Award as World’s Leading Airline.