Queenstown welcomes visitor responses

Visitor motivation and satisfaction research is confirming
that Queenstown’s scenic beauty, cleanliness of environment, adventure
and excitement remain key points of difference in motivating holiday
travellers to visit the region.The Regional Visitor Monitor (RVM) is a joint initiative between the
Ministry of Tourism, Tourism New Zealand and six of New Zealand’s
largest Regional Tourism Organisations.

Destination Queenstown CEO David Kennedy said the RVM data was still
new, and although it was very encouraging to see Queenstown consistently
rate well in key areas such as service and product delivery, the
research would be of most benefit to Queenstown in years to come.

“Trends are emerging from the research, but it is not until we can
compare year to year that we will be able to really break down the data
to identify key strengths and opportunities, and in particular look at
seasonal variations by market and segment.”

Queenstown continues to meet expectations of the market in all areas of
service delivery, from activity and attraction operators, to
accommodation and retail. The research showed Queenstown was considered
a safe and secure place to visit, had a clean and unspoiled landscape
with friendly and welcoming people, adventure and excitement.

The research highlights that history, heritage and unique culture are
areas for improvement and possible product development within the local
tourism industry.


Mr Kennedy said the research from this quarter revealed some new trends
which will be keenly monitored over the next few years.

“The survey showed that international visitors had a much longer length
of stay for this quarter. This indicates a trend towards a stay-put
holiday in town over the cooler months, compared to active travelers
over summer who may be more inclined to travel around the country. In
time, this market intelligence will be of use in planning and developing
marketing strategies to achieve our goals of a higher yield in visitor

Mr Kennedy said Destination Queenstown was committed to a continued
Regional Visitor Monitor.

Designed to provide quarterly or seasonal ‘snapshots’, data for the RVM
is collected by independent researchers who conduct interviews with
international and domestic visitors in each of the six regions. The
regional results are aggregated against nationwide results providing a
national benchmark.

The third quarterly report released today includes results from April,
May and June, 2006. Since the RVM began in November 2005, 839 interviews
in the Queenstown region have taken place. The total number of
interviews collected across all six regions equals 4,338.