biz travellers get laptop alternative

With the recent elevation of the terror-threat level, business travelers face stringent rules about carry-on items for the foreseeable future. Security officials in the US are asking passengers to pack their laptops in checked bags to expedite the inspection process, while UK rules prohibit travelers from carrying laptops aboard any flights to the US. Facing long security lines on one hand, and the fear of relinquishing a precious computer to the whims of the baggage-handling process on the other, business travelers are wise to have a back-up strategy. With Citrix(R) GoToMyPC(R) from Citrix Systems, Inc., a traveler can leave the laptop safely at home and connect remotely to all its information using any Internet-connected device.

“The new security restrictions make it challenging to bring a computer along on a business trip,” said Brett Caine, general manager of Citrix Online. “Who wants to check a laptop and spend the flight worrying if it will be damaged, mislaid or stolen? Fortunately, there’s an easier solution. With GoToMyPC, you can relax knowing that once you reach your destination, fast, easy and secure access to your entire desktop is available from any Web browser.”

GoToMyPC is s secure way to access desktop resources on-demand, from virtually anywhere. To use this service, a traveler visits the GoToMyPC website, , provides their secure authentication codes, and views their computer screen as if sitting right in front of it. And with security top of mind, users are assured that the service provides robust and comprehensive protection, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption using 128-bit keys to ensure the highest level of privacy of all remote connections.

Advantages of Leaving the Laptop at Home Using On-Demand Remote Access

—Expedite the security screening process


—Avoid damage, theft or loss of a computer shipped in checked baggage and also prevent having your data stolen

—Connect securely to desktop resources from the Web

—Print from a remote office computer to a local device

—Present full color PowerPoint presentations remotely

—Work online just as if sitting in front of your laptop

“No one can predict how long these new restrictions will stay in effect, or if they’ll become even more stringent,” said Caine. “Nevertheless GoToMyPC offers a great back-up plan and it’s so convenient that travelers may not miss their laptops at all!”