Caravelle Hotel opens new spa

The Caravelle Hotel has christened its new spa, the Qi at Caravelle. The spa is in one of Saigon’s premier hotels. Behind sound-proof, ceiling-to-floor windows seven storeys up, spa guests drink in the cityscape from a massage table in one of eight private treatment rooms. Of course, at any time they are free to simply close their eyes to the urban hustle and bustle, or draw the drapes and drift away with help from a hot stone massage, mud wrap or paraffin treatment.

“The spa experience we have created here embraces its urban setting,” said Caravelle Hotel General Manager Guido A. J. Gydé. “We have not hidden away the Qi at Caravelle. Its location maximizes the experience. We sought to provide a haven of relaxation, serenity and therapy that is at once of the city and miles away.”

Saigon’s premier hotel, the Caravelle stands on the edge of Lam Son Square, across from the Municipal Theater, in the legendary heart of the city. The hotel opened in 1959, boasting a suite of amenities never before seen in Saigon, including bullet-proof glass, a Berliet generator and Trane air conditioners (a first for any hotel in the city). In 1998, after more than two decades of operation on a shoestring budget, the aging landmark was resuscitated with a complete renovation and a complementary, 24-storey tower. Today, the five-star hotel is roundly recognized as the city’s most grand - a reputation burnished now by its award-winning Japanese spa.

Sporting a Zen-style décor of cool elegance, Qi at Caravelle features eight treatments rooms, two deluxe VIP rooms and a dedicated chamber for foot massage. Men and women are served privately, unless a couple should choose the Qi Together Package, a 5-hour total-spa experience treating all parts of body and soul. Qi at Caravelle also features steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi amenities, in addition to a full-service salon. With 50 professional staff, Qi at Caravelle has the capability to serve 20 customers at a time, each one as required.

Qi Salon & Spa System combines the best elements of Western massage with the Eastern therapies targeting one’s Qi, the “life force” that circulates throughout the body affecting a person’s physical and mental condition. Qi is a vital energy with natural healing powers that every body has, but must struggle to unlock. Qi Spa unlocks this energy, correcting any imbalance between body and mind.