Telephone still vital to travel firms

Travel Technology Initiative’s Autumn conference is tackling the subject of telephony in travel. 
Case studies at the conference from and (owned by Expedia) will give the lowdown on the investments these companies have been making to revolutionise their telecoms systems.  A representative from Ofcom will talk about this Government body’s recently confirmed changes to improve price transparency on 0870 calls which could seriously affect the income of travel companies using these numbers.  Other telephony organisations speaking at the event include Skype, the company that has transformed Internet communications and BT which will take a look at the future.

The conference which is entitled “Your call is important to us ...” is scheduled for Tuesday 19 September in London.

Speakers confirmed for the event are:

- Dennis Luckett, Strategic Products Director, BT Global Services

- Loic Dupont, Director of Operations, EMEA

- Steve Unger, Director of Telecoms Technology, Ofcom

- Helen Bonner, Managing Director, Web Applications UK

- Gerry Samuels, Founder and Executive Director, Mobile Travel Technologies

- Andy Wareing, Senior Solutions Consultant, Witness Systems

- Dominic Cameron, Director, Voice & Innovation,

- Mike Peloquin, Senior Vice President Sales, Call Miner Inc.

- Alistair Shrimpton, Head of Market Development, Skype UK, Ireland and Holland

Tony Allen, Chairman of TTI, stated, “There have been no conferences covering the subject of telephony in recent years, yet telecoms is vital to the whole travel industry.  With so many advances in this area, travel companies are in danger of being left behind.  TTI’s conference will redress this by providing information on many of the latest developments that can help travel companies improve service and cut costs.”

The event is free to TTI members and heavily discounted for members of most UK travel trade associations.  It is being sponsored by BT and Witness Systems.  Full details can be downloaded from where delegates can also register.