easyJet targets biz travellers

easyJet and AirPlus are enabling business flights booked on the easyJet website to be paid for using the AirPlus Company Account.

The agreement is the first time that easyJet flights can be booked by business travellers using a UATP lodged card online, inclusive of the benefits of high quality management information, which over 30,000 companies have come to expect from the AirPlus product range.  This is a watershed agreement for both parties as it shows the commitment from both AirPlus and easyJet to make the booking and settlement of business travel as value added and easy as possible.

Previously, many business travellers had to book easyJet flights using their own personal credit or debit cards, claiming the flight back through their company’s expense procedure, or their business travel agency had to use their agency’s own credit card and charge the fare back to the client. Using the AirPlus Company Account, however, business travellers will now be able to pay for their easyJet flights in the same way as they book the majority of their other travel expenses: through a centralised lodged card, held by their corporate travel department or travel management company.

The AirPlus Company Account allows companies to book, pay for and manage every aspect of business travel. Users receive one collective invoice with an overview that can be organised according to the client’s individual criteria. These include factors such as cost centre, personnel identification, or project number. Companies whose employees use easyJet will now be able to receive the same integrated benefits, obtaining a unique and transparent view of their costs.

Commenting on the agreement with easyJet, Spencer Hanlon, Managing Director AirPlus International Ltd, said: “We are delighted to have developed such a strong relationship with easyJet, one of the leading low-cost carriers.  Our joint customers and business partners asked for this development, we have listened, and this announcement is the result.


“AirPlus is constantly striving to give our customers the key to business travel management efficiency. The provision of the full descriptive billing suite of information, whilst booking easyJet flights with an AirPlus lodged card, is in line with our goal to provide superior data quality for all travel bookings for our customers and we are very proud of it.  We stand ahead of our competitors in this development and will continue to work to differentiate our product further.”