gets revamp

An all-new version of is launching, offering potential visitors a glimpse into the destination and its offerings in a totally new and easy-to-use format.

Created from scratch by an in-house web development team at the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), the site has been optimised for user-friendliness and is much more visually oriented.

According to HervĂ© Chang-Yunn, STB’s manager for E-marketing, the primary focus for the all-Seychellois team heading up the development of the site was simple: make it easy to use.

“Seconds matter on the Internet, and the very second an Internet user gets lost, confused or annoyed with your site, you have to assume they’ve already moved on to something else,” he said. “We feel the new site is engaging and attractive, but most importantly it provides a very simple platform from which browsers can access the specific information they seek quickly and easily.”

The new, which is now based in a more familiar HTML format as opposed to the previous Flash-only site, has been built to give STB total control and flexibility to adjust and adapt to new developments.


“E-marketing technologies and trends are constantly changing, so we have to be light on our feet to react to not only these trends but also internal factors such as the new branding,” said Mr Chang-Yunn. “We’ve built the new in such a way that we’ll constantly be able to integrate new features into the site to maximise its potential as a marketing tool.”

In addition to providing the usual information about the destination in general, the islands, hotels, services and travel tips, will employ several extra features to provide a more interactive experience, such as a “Build your own brochure” function that allows browsers to print a custom brochure about Seychelles based on the different pages on the website that relate to their specific interests.

“The next step is to convert more of these hits into repeat visits, and ultimately confirmed bookings to Seychelles,” said Mr Chang-Yunn. Since going live on July 14, the site has generated more than 68,000 unique visitors, representing about 2,400 different users per day.

The site will subsequently be available in French, followed by German, Italian and other languages, and a number of various creative and interactive features will be gradually incorporated into the site to further spur interest.