Omni responds to terror measures

Omni Hotels is replenishing nearly all forms of
liquid and gel “basics” to accommodate guests that were required to relinquish them
today at airports across the nation.  “Taking care of our guests is fundamental,” said Mike Deitemeyer, president of Omni
Hotels.  “We know our guests will be inconvenienced by today’s unexpected security
changes, and we want to do whatever it takes to make their travel experiences less

Omni Hotels will offer the following complimentary items:
*      Facial Skin Care Products
*      Women’s Cosmetics
*      Hair Care Products
*      Sunscreen
*      Toothpaste
*      Contact Lens Solution
*      Nail Polish and Remover
Guests can also find a list of nearby pharmacies with their telephone numbers and
hours of operation to refill prescriptions or other over the counter medications.