wins Odyssey Award’s “Do Vegas Right” advertising campaign has won the Odyssey award for Best Domestic Advertising Campaign. TIA only awards one Odyssey in this category per year to recognize the best advertising campaign among hundreds of destinations, cities, hotels, attractions and theme parks.

This is the second Odyssey has won since it launched its marketing campaign for tourism to the city in 2003. received the 2004 Odyssey Award for Best Domestic Marketing, an award it shared that year with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for its “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign.

“We’re pleased to be recognized for our creative approach and success and we are proud that our methods have resulted in such strong growth for our partners,” President Howard Lefkowitz said, referring to the company’s more than 100% increase in bookings in the past year. “We pride ourselves on being the best and will continue to work to ensure that remains the top choice for visitors to Las Vegas.”

The campaign includes television, print and online components and features a super-sized arrow logo and utilizes the “Do Vegas Right” tagline.

The broadcast campaign shows people living their ho-hum lives who are suddenly interrupted by a neon-sign buzzing sound. They turn to see a large arrow pointing toward an everyday object. After a short pause, each character approaches the object and encounters a portal that lands them in a middle of an outrageous Vegas experience, leaving the mundane world far behind.


The spots feature an array of Vegas attractions that appeal to a diverse audience mix. One features a construction worker who enters a cement mixer and finds himself the star of a Chippendales show. Another starts with a man barbecuing in his backyard who plunges into a blow-up kiddie pool only to surface in a hot tub overlooking the Vegas strip loaded with gorgeous women in bikinis.