Czech improves its punctuality stats

According to the most recent survey of the regularity of air traffic, conducted by the Association of European Airlines (AEA), Czech Airlines has advanced to fourth place in terms of timely departures on medium-haul and short-haul flights.  During the first five months of this year, ?SA continuously ranked among the first five, in a tight competition among twenty-five European airlines.  The Czech national carrier was surpassed by Croatia Airlines, Hungarian Malev, and TAROM Romanian Airlines (in alphabetical order).  Also, for three months in a row, Czech Airlines has come first in the timeliness of departures on long-haul and domestic flights.

The May statistic shows that 88% of all ?SA regular flights depart on time, i.e., that there is no longer than a 15-minute delay.  This result is 10% better than the average of all carriers associated in the AEA.

The punctuality of flight operations is one of the decisive indicators according to which passengers can evaluate airlines.  In an era when an increasing number of companies offer their services on the air transport market, this factor may play a key role in customers’ decision-making.

The Czech national carrier wants to maintain this trend in the months and years to come, confirming thereby that this is not a temporary situation.  Now, it will also pay more attention to the punctuality of traffic on selected key short- and medium-haul flights.