Alitalia launches dynamic packaging

Expedia Private Label and Alitalia are launching dynamic packages on
By offering Expedia Private Label’s dynamic packaging product to their consumers, Alitalia benefits from Expedia’s high-quality hotel supply; superior packaging technology; and an expertise in Private Label packaging which Expedia has developed through years of providing packages to consumers, both directly and through Private Label partnerships with leading travel companies such as Swiss Air Lines, Virgin Express, Icelandair, Eurostar, and Formula1.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with Alitalia through the launch of dynamic packages,” said Karen Bohannon, Managing Director for Expedia Private Label. “In recent months, we have worked with Alitalia to increase ancillary revenue by improving the promotion of the hotel & car products on, which has led to sales gains for those products. The addition of dynamic packages has driven immediate and significant hotel sales increases for Alitalia.”

Paolo Pecchiari, Head of Direct Sales for Alitalia, said, “We are pleased to be the first carrier in Italy to offer dynamic packages, and the strong sales response shows that there is great demand for this product among Alitalia customers. Dynamic packages are increasing the range of customer travel needs which we are serving on the Alitalia websites.”

The dynamic package launch follows over two years of partnership in which Expedia Private Label provided hotels and cars through Alitalia’s global websites. Following this Italian launch, dynamic packages will be rolled out on Alitalia’s websites for consumers in the UK, US, France, Germany, and other markets in the weeks to come.