STA Travel steps up web presence

STA Travel is revamping and standardizing its global Web presence using the Web content management solution from RedDot Solutions, a Hummingbird company.

STA Travel is using RedDot CMS on a global scale for all of its Web sites, such as , offering exciting enhancements including localization and language translation. In a major shift, STA Travel product staff will now enjoy the benefits of fast travel information upload, simplified Web processes and ownership of their own content sections.

Personalization, Compliance & Translation

RedDot CMS provides STA Travel with the tools to powerfully enhance the technical aspects of its Web site. Additionally, RedDot LiveServer enables the company to pull content from partner travel sites such as ‘Lonely Planet’, ‘Whats on When’ and ‘Off Exploring’, allowing customers to preview destination information on STA Travel sites. Furthermore, STA Travel has utilized RedDot CMS to help protect their brand and achieve a unified look and feel while maintaining ‘A’ standard compliance. This has greatly improved visitors’ ease of use and the company’s search engine optimization ranking.

“To achieve online brand consistency, and stay ahead of the game in a fiercely competitive market, we had to migrate to a single global content management infrastructure. We are delighted with the implementation so far and have an ambitious, but achievable schedule for continued rollout,” said Craig Hepburn, Global Webmaster for STA Travel. “The great thing about RedDot CMS is that our staff members have found it extremely easy to use, in particular our ‘product owners’ who are responsible for the marketing of individual travel products. Getting content online quickly is also no longer a problem - and this is vital for driving online sales.


“Importantly, RedDot CMS has enabled us to build the site to a much higher standard. In fact, we are already seeing a positive response from customers as we have been able to upload around 20% more product offerings much more efficiently. We have also maximized the potential of RedDot LiveServer by delivering dynamic content from ‘Lonely Planet’ and ‘Whats On When’. This provides our online customers with great travel products and up to date content about destinations,” added Hepburn.

STA Travel’s global standardization has been launched across the UK, Australia, US and Canada. The company has recently launched their local language sites to other large markets including Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Current migrations are being carried out in the Nordics, South Africa and Asia, which will be facilitated by RedDot Translation Editor.

“A company such as STA Travel, which works in an extremely competitive online environment, is heavily reliant on its Web presence for business. Delivering relevant dynamic content to online customers with consistent brand recognition look and feel is imperative to any online global business today,” said Peter Aylward, Managing Director at RedDot Solutions in the UK. “The key to RedDot’s success with STA Travel is a powerful CMS that is easy to use and fast to deploy - there is a fast payback.”

RedDot CMS and RedDot LiveServer are integral components of Hummingbird’s market leading enterprise content management offering.