Travel Solutions, TRX expand partnership

TRX, Inc. and Travel Solutions are signing a long-term SELEX Agent Desktop contract, further expanding their five-year partnership.

SELEX Agent Desktop is an agent desktop solution that allows access to multiple sources of inventory through a Web-based interface. The interface reduces or eliminates the need for travel agents to know native Global Distribution System (GDS) formats. The hosted SELEX Agent Desktop application shares both policy and traveler profile layers with the RESX corporate online booking tools for increased efficiency.

Travel Solutions, the seventh largest corporate travel management company in the US (Business Travel News, 2005) has been a distributor of the RESX Online Booking and RESX Profiler tools for the past three years. In March of this year, Travel Solutions signed a long-term CORREX contract for automated ticket processing services.

“SELEX Agent Desktop allows us to be high-tech and high-touch in a very cost effective manner,” said Torsten Krings, President and Global Sourcing Director of Travel Solutions. “We need to have access to all distribution channels in order to provide all possible choices and pricing options to our customers. SELEX Agent Desktop gives us the flexibility to query various distribution channels to fulfill our customers’ needs and still maintain a high level of productivity and quality. It allows our agents to focus on customer intimacy and product integrity.”

“Travel Solutions understands the need for flexibility and agility in the travel marketplace,” said TRX President & CEO Trip Davis. “We have a strong partnership with Travel Solutions. We are thrilled to provide them with more technologies to support their focus on the highest quality of customer service.”


SELEX Agent Desktop is one component of the SELEX agent technology suite of application. The SELEX suite includes SELEX Agent Desktop, SELEX Workflow Manager, and SELEX Exception Automation - all geared to provide access to multiple inventory sources, maximize agent utilization, reduce agent handle time, reduce agent errors, and improve service for travelers.