Amadeus revenue exceeds 1.3 bn

Amadeus is reporting business results for the six months ending 30 June 2006, during which total bookings grew by 5.5% to 263.9m.

Online bookings, from all providers, grew by 22.7% and now represent 13.9% of the total. Amadeus retains its leadership position in travel agency air reservations with 30.5% of the worldwide market share, up 1.3 percentage points year-on-year. Total revenues grew by 12.7% to EUR 1,381.6m.

Jose Antonio Tazón, President and CEO, Amadeus, comments: “Amadeus’ strong performance is testament to our investment in technology for the travel industry. We are proud to manage one of the largest and most advanced civil data centres in the world, which we believe is a key differentiator in our evolving industry and we will continue to invest €300 million each year in our technological infrastructure and development.”

“We continue to drive the transition of our GDS system architecture to open systems based on Unix and Linux, which will deliver two fundamental benefits to our customers. It will keep costs under control as transaction volumes increase exponentially: each day, our datacentre already processes 310 million customer queries.

Second, open technology is already allowing us to bring new services and solutions to the market more quickly. As the outsourcing partner for some of the biggest names in travel, our time-to-market is their time-to-market.”