Angsana Spa revamps menu

Angsana Spa is revamping its spa offerings in a new menu line-up which will offer an extensive list of treats, with targeted treatments for men - widening the selection for its modern male spa guests.

The new Angsana Spa Menu has been introduced at Angsana Spa Bintan, and will soon be adapted and integrated to the rest of the Angsana Spas worldwide, to constantly delight and pamper our guests with new spa treats.

Brand New Highlights

á Angsana for the Lady and Angsana for the Gentleman packages
For the first time, Angsana Spa has created indulgent spa packages specially catered to the different needs of men and women. For men, the packages address concerns such as grooming and tension relieving. The Sprint package incorporates a 60-minute body massage and 60-minute foot and nail treatment; while Expressions offers men’s facial with an expert hot shave, and a rejuvenating body massage.

Women have infinitely more choices, as exemplified in Lady’s Choice, which offers combinations from massage or facial, to hand or foot treatments. Jamu Lore takes proven traditional post-natal therapy into the 21st century with the unique Bunda Suri kneading massage to break up hidden excesses under the skin.


á Comprehensive massages under careful categories

Looking for the perfect massage has never been easier, with Angsana Spa’s new categories to aid your search. Under Signature, Classic, Soothing and On The Spot categories, guests will be able to pinpoint the exact treatment they need. Spa-goers in short supply of time now have On The Spot, which are 60-minute sessions that target either the head or the back for instant relief.

á Cabana Classics by the beach

Making the most of a beach holiday and squeezing in numerous activities, guests may now take their Angsana Spa experience to the sands. Taking place in specially appointed tents by the sea, Cabana Classic treatments are cheerful 30-minute massages that are as soothing as the sound of the waves. Choose between a Shoulder, Face & Head massage, Back massage, or Foot massage.

á Signature treats

Couples may enjoy the harmony of a Duet, a specially created Essence of Angsana package tailored for couples to enjoy together.

One of the components for the lady in the Duet is a Flower Petal body polish, a new Angsana Spa signature incorporating fresh, fragrant flower petals into a magical full body scrub.

Thoughtful touches abound in the Essential Pampering packages, which are created to give extra attention to the often neglected hands and feet. Angsana Spa’s Hot Handover, Foot Warmer, Heavenly Hands and Boot Camp treats result not just in nails that are trimmed and buffed, but also moisturising and massaging goodness.