SIA jet dumps fuel over Germany

A Boeing B 747-400 of Singapore Airlines was obliged to dump fuel after taking off from Zurich for Singapore on 28 July 2005. The aircraft had to abort the flight and to return to the origin for technical reasons.

The fuel was jettisoned between 14.20 and 15.04 CET in the Black Forest region. The aircraft dumped a total of 75 tonnes of aviation kerosene during this procedure. The fuel was dumped at an altitude of 15’000 feet (4600 metres above sea level).

If a flight has to be aborted soon after takeoff for safety reasons, certain aircraft are obliged to jettison or “dump” some of the fuel they are carrying, to bring the aircraft’s weight down to the maximum permitted for landing. The dumped fuel evaporates in the air and, as numerous studies have shown, poses no threat to either the environment or people on the ground.