UK in wireless drive

The Cloud is making broadband WiFi access available accross 7,000 hotspots and 9 city centre hotzones throughout the UK.
New city centre hotzones include Manchester City Centre. Hotzones in Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham and Oxford, along with the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Camden and Islington will all go live this summer. The Cloud is also currently building a hotzone for the City of London which will be operational by the September 2006.

Bobby Sarin, COO, The Cloud commented: “For too long, public WiFi access has been over-reliant on high voucher pricing for revenue which has hindered frequent usage, despite WiFi’s high performance and popularity. Ultra WiFi finally allows everyone to have great value, “always on,” flat rate access to high speed WiFi across the UK for £11.99 per month.”

“Ultra WiFi at last gives regular mobile internet users a realistic alternative to mobile data solutions from cellular operators, at a cost they can control. We have been thrilled by the response to the announcement of Ultra WiFi from businesses, self-employed, consultants, students and ordinary people who want internet access on the move at a price they can afford and control.”

In addition to new pricing, The Cloud is launching new outdoor coverage in nine city centre hotzones across the UK that will greatly increase WiFi coverage in key business and retail areas. Combining this new outdoor WiFi footprint and new pricing with new services such as VoIP, instant messaging and gaming will make WiFi even more useful to businesses and consumers.

In addition to the new hotzones coverage, people will be able to log on and use unlimited WiFi at conventional Cloud hotspots located at BAA airports, regional airports, First Great Western train stations, Coffee Republic outlets, Little Chef cafés, Swallow Hotels and over 4,000 pubs and regional hotels across the country, as well as the business district of Canary Wharf.