Risky incidents drop in UK airspace

The fifteenth report of the UK Airprox Board (UKAB) was published today. It covers statistics for all of 2005 together with findings on recorded Airprox incidents within UK airspace between July and December 2005.During the last sixth months of 2005 there were 96 incidents in total, which compares with 98 incidents during the same period in 2004, and is eight fewer than the average of comparable figures from each of the previous five years.

During 2005 there were a total of 188 Airprox assessed by UKAB compared with 207 during 2004.

Of these 188 incidents, 87 involved at least one Commercial Air Transport (CAT) aircraft compared with 79 in 2004. Of the 87, eight were judged as risk-bearing, the same number as in 2004.

When assessed as a rate per 100,000 flying hours, analysis of the 2005 data covering CAT aircraft shows that the downward trend is continuing. A rate of 0.52 risk-bearing incidents per 100,000 flying hours was recorded in 2005 compared with 0.54 in 2004.