Munich airport tops European poll

Munich Airport was once again voted the best in Europe and the third-best worldwide in the “World Airport Award”, 2006,
Repeated top marks for comfort, services offered and friendliness: just like last
year, Terminal 2 ranks right at the top in terms of popularity with the passengers.

Now the detailed results of survey are available; they indicate that Terminal 2,
which is used by Lufthansa, the Star Alliance and partner airlines, made a
significant contribution to the overall result. In 19 of 33 categories, Munich was
awarded the same excellent mark as the overall winner Singapore.

In the primary categories “terminal comfort”, “business/entertainment facilities”,
and “accessibility/orientation”, Munich again received the same excellent marks as
the world’s best airport.  Here Munich scored points, in particular, for the ample
space provided. A good example of that is Terminal 2’s spacious check-in hall. Best
marks were also given to the wireless Internet access and the variety of the TV and
entertainment programme. For example, in the departures area of Terminal 2, a total
of 36 TV flat screens ensure complete coverage with the entertainment programme. In
the Lufthansa lounges, passengers can inform themselves in the TV zones about what
is happening in the world.


Munich can also compete with Singapore in the areas of “signposting in the terminal”
and “convenient transfers”. Nowhere else in Europe can a transfer be made from one
flight to another than in Terminal 2: thanks to the special structural design,
passengers have the possibility of completing a transfer within 30 minutes. Top
marks were also earned in terms of “boarding calls/flight information screens”.
Thus, the passengers are provided with comprehensive information about their flights
on almost 300 flat screens. In addition, at 18 multilingual information points in
Terminal 2, the passenger can request information via Touch-Screen about the
airport, as well as about tourist attractions in Bavaria and the city of Munich. As
a special service this is much appreciated by passengers and positively assessed.



Munich also bears comparison with the winner Singapore in terms of its facilities
for handicapped persons. For example, Terminal 2 has been designed with the needs of
handicapped passengers in mind like hardly any other European airport building.
Already in the planning phase, the building was designed in close cooperation with
the disabled persons’ associations, with the result, that all facilities go beyond
the requirements of the legal regulations and make travelling for people with a
handicap comfortable and attractive.


As was the case last year, there was a special praise for the airport personnel:
friendliness and language skills were particularly emphasized and received the same
good assessments as those of the Asian leader Singapore. This is also confirmed by
an internal survey which had been carried out by Lufthansa in Terminal 2: Over 90
percent of the passengers questioned praise the service on the ground and in the