Orbitz’ top 5 destinations

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, Orbitz is looking back to the most popular destinations its customers have explored in the last five years.
“We’ve been proud that Orbitz has helped support the tourism industry in so many great destinations across America over the last five years,” said Heather Leisman, Director of Merchandizing, Orbitz.com. “Exploding population centers, the change in the environment and policies supporting tourism present travelers with some very unique vacation choices in the next five years.”

Top 5 in the Last 5

The top five destinations according to The Index are:
1 Chicago, IL              
2 Las Vegas, NV            

3 Orlando, FL          

4 New York, NY          

5 Los Angeles, CA            


1 London, Great Britain (UK)

2 Cancun, Mexico

3 Toronto, Canada

4 Paris, France

5 Vancouver, Canada