Stansted flights suffer due to breakdown

Thousands of travellers were hit by flight delays at Stansted on Tuesday after a baggage belt failure.Ryanair told Agence France Press that 37 of its flights were delayed and 1,500 bags did not go to the right flight because of the breakdown at London Stansted Airport.

“We had a baggage belt problem today and Ryanair was particularly affected by this,” said a Stansted spokeswoman.

“We apologise sincerely to passengers and our engineers are now on the site working out the cause of the problem.”

The Irish carrier said it was the third consecutive day of baggage problems at Stansted, adding that airport operator British Airports Authority had said on Sunday that it was “satisfied” with the procedures that were in place.

“BAA may be ‘satisfied’ but tens of thousands of passengers today would disagree,” said David O’Brien, Ryanair’s operations director.


“Ryanair is fed up taking the blame for the inefficient gold-plated BAA facilities at Stansted which don’t work and for which Ryanair and passengers pay ridiculously high prices.”