Press: Air Caldonie adds e-tickets

New Caledonia’s international flag carrier, Air Caldonie International (AirCalin) is introducing e-ticket facilities on its Wallis and French Polynesian routes, according to Pacific News,

The facility, which is now available from the airline’s website ( ), is now available on the Nouma-Wallis and Nouma-Pape’ete routes, the company reported earlier this month.

E-ticketing facilities will be be extended later this year to AirCalin’s other regional and international connections, such as Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), New Zealand (Auckland), Australia and France (Paris), according to General Manager Jean-Michel Masson.

He also stated that the global trend toward e-ticketing was the main drive behind the initiative. “In any case, in 2008, no international airline will accept hard paper tickets”, he said.