Spas of America expands to Brazil

Spas of America have announced their 400th spa listing and their first South American member spa: the Kurotel Longevity Center and Spa, in Gramado, Brazil.

“Spas of America is honored to have the Kurotel Longevity Center and Spa as a premium member listing,” says Spas of America president and founder Craig Oliver. “The Kurotel has an international reputation for excellence in health and wellness. Their presence on our site complements our existing spa listings and gives our spa travel customers another fabulous option when seeking new and exciting health and wellness travel experiences.”

“Brazil is a natural addition for Spas of America,” says Oliver. “The world’s fifth-largest country offers a rich cultural and botanical experience just waiting to be discovered.” The Kurotel is located in southern Brazil, in the charming Bavarian town of Gramado, 126 km from the region’s capital, Porto Alegre. Gramado is known for its film festival and winter festival as well as its hydrangeas and fine chocolates. Natural riches in this prosperous region range from lowland rainforests to cascading waterfalls.

Rochele Silveira, director of the Kurotel Longevity Center and Spa, says: “Our exposure to Spas of America’s targeted audience is a perfect complement for the Kurotel. While South America is an important market for us, Spa & Wellness customers from North America, Europe and Asia represent a tremendous opportunity. Our presence on Spas of America’s website put us at the fingertips of spa travel customers around the world.”