Farelogix, Emirates team up

Farelogix and Emirates Airline are signing an agreement to establish a direct connection between Emirates’ reservation system and the Farelogix FLX? Platform. With this agreement in place, Emirates will become the first international carrier located outside of North America to supplement its current distribution model with a direct connection to travel technology provided by a GDS new entrant (GNE).  The companies anticipate that the first implementation of the direct connection will be completed towards the end of the third quarter of 2006.

“Farelogix provides Emirates with a model that not only complements our existing technology but also provides the travel industry with the flexibility to select the reservation system that delivers the greatest efficiencies,” said Ghaith Al Ghaith, Emirates’ Executive Vice President for Commercial Operations Worldwide, “By establishing a direct connection with Farelogix, it will help lower our current distribution costs, which will serve as a significant saving in today’s marketplace.”

The agreement provides travel agencies, corporate travel management companies and other users of the Farelogix FLX Platform with access to Emirates’ full range of content - including published, private and Internet fares.  It also sets the stage for Farelogix to broaden its reach to global markets: Farelogix will be moving forward with BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) certification to ensure that its multi-source distribution and independent faring technology is available to airlines and agencies outside of North America.  Farelogix will initially target BSP certification across EMEA markets in Fall 2006.

“In true Emirates tradition, the company is once again taking a leadership role by leveraging the latest technology available to lower its distribution costs and broaden its reach,” said Jim Davidson, president and CEO of Farelogix.  “At the same time, this landmark agreement sets the stage for Farelogix to become the first GNE with a truly global solution. By going beyond the North American market and expanding our footprint globally, all the carriers that currently have direct connections to the FLX Platform will also be able to provide their content to agencies outside of North America.”

The FLX Platform is used by travel agencies and corporate travel management companies to bridge the gaps with existing legacy processes, systems and/or components. This proprietary sourcing, searching and business rules technology enables flexible sourcing, shopping, booking and data management across multiple, yet integrated sources.  With its highly scalable plug and play architecture, the FLX Platform can easily be integrated with various agency and corporate point of sale applications to provide users with the flexibility to source travel segments directly from Emirates’ reservation system or via a preferred GDS.