Website development for airlines

In a new initiative announced today, Flight Directors will be using Affino NX software, created by Emojo, to offer airlines an easy route to developing sophisticated interactive web sites. More than just a content management system, the software has the latest functionality allowing airlines to promote and target more effectively plus build long-term customer relationships through tailored online travel communities.

John Pope, Managing Director of Flight Directors said: “As a GSA organisation, we need to effectively promote our portfolio of airlines to everyone in the UK market. We believe that the Affino software will allow us to develop stronger on-line relationships with tour operators and travel agents as well as direct passengers - plus we are looking to work closely with Emojo to develop more local web sites for smaller airlines that are looking to drive their business online.”

Richard Cutting, Business Development Manager of Emojo, said “We’ve already developed a dynamic and interactive online presence for a large airline that involved being one of the first ebusiness agencies to integrate with SITA. Now we have the exciting possibility of extending our reach to the smaller carriers. Flight Directors have the knowledge, the airline relationships and the ambition to ensure that any airline wishing to develop its sales through the web have the very best tools available to compete in this vital marketplace.”