Making the skies safer with cutlery

The latest airline measures against terrorism don’t involve new security checks or hi-tech luggage scans, but a re-design of in-flight cutlery. A British firm has created the world’s first anti-terror cutlery, following new guidelines on in-flight utensils from the UK department of transport.

The dinky dinner service is designed to an exact specification with knife blades no longer than 6cm, with a round rather than pointed end and forks with prongs no longer than 3cm - too short to be used as a weapon.

Staffordshire based cutlery manufacturer and retailer, Arthur Price, is the world’s first company to make anti-terror cutlery.

Air India and Jet Airways have already signed up for the new cutlery, with Emirates as well as the British Airport Authority also considering.

Simon Price, whose family has run Arthur Price for four generations, was not surprised at the interest in the cutlery from airlines:


“Since the new guidelines from the DOT have come in, all airlines have been forced to use plastic cutlery, which doesn’t fit very well with a premium offering such as first or business class. If you’ve paid that much for a flight, you don’t expect to be eating with plastic knives and forks.

“By designing the first ever set of stainless steel cutlery to meet the new specifications, we’re providing airlines with a solution to this problem. Airlines can now offer their customers the premium standard of dining with real cutlery they would expect, whilst ensuring safety remains paramount.”

Arthur Price cutlery has been laying the nation’s tables since 1902. Today, as the UK’s leading cutlery brand, it offers a world of cutlery to suit every home, from the cutting edge designs to more classic styles.