TRUST.WIZCOM recognised

TRUST.WIZCOM has been recognised as the leading call centre operator in the hospitality arena in an independent survey conducted recently by hotel online magazine

The survey was conducted in the first half of 2006 and consisted of calls being made to ten hotel reservation centres, with a similar booking request made to each. There were several specific elements that were considered when evaluating each call experience; the time it took for the call to be answered; whether the call was put on hold; the friendliness and efficiency of the person answering the call; whether the caller’s information was requested; and most importantly, the quality of information provided in response to the booking request.

TRUST.WIZCOM«s European call centre, evaluated when it answered a call on behalf of WORLDHOTELS, was singled out as the best overall call centre experience. It was also highlighted as the best at offering special packages and alternative hotels, and the most effective at addressing the caller in a friendly manner.

Through its wholly-owned call centres in Europe, Asia and the Americas, TRUST.WIZCOM provides call centre services to hotel companies under the hotel’s own name and fully aligned with its brand values. As well as enhancing the experience of its customers, the outsourcing of these services enables the hotel companies to save significant resource which can be focused on its core activities.

“We know that the customers of our hotels expect professional and friendly service whenever they contact us and this is why we have chosen TRUST.WIZCOM to manage our call centre services. By working closely with us to understand our customers’ needs and by training all call centre staff in exactly what a WORLDHOTELS experience should be, we ensure that our customers’ expectations are met consistently,” says Dirk Polte, Director Operational Services & Analysis for WORLDHOTELS.


“We are delighted that our efforts to provide professional call centre solutions have been recognized by our customers and this independent industry survey. We continue to invest significantly in developing new and innovative call centre services so that we can remain the leading provider of this critical hotel requirement,” says Richard Wiegmann, chief operating officer TRUST.WIZCOM