EPIN sets wireless train target

According to EPIN’s development strategy, wireless Internet and high-definition programs on public LCD screens will be available on over 200 express train lines by the end of 2006, and 500 train lines by 2008. It will also establish a mobile train multimedia network, such as current travelling information, weather forecasts, real-time news, and entertainment programs, all simply a click away. The company has already become a leading player in China’s new media industry, with cutting-edge technology that has put an end to the information shortages most commonly associated with train travel.

Currently, thanks to the unique TraiNet information system, provided by EPIN Technologies, railway passengers already find their trips less tedious. Passengers aboard 105 express trains, mainly from Beijing to other commercial and tourism cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi’an, Guilin, Wuhan and Guangzhou, have been able to enjoy easy access to the wireless Internet and high-definition programs.

In the past, stacks of CDs, books and magazines were must-haves to kill time by most of the 1.5 billion railway travellers in China. Text messaging was one of the few, if not the only, means to connect them with the outside world while on the train. However, rail travel remained a major means of transportation for the Chinese population, and now the Ministry of Railways is keen to focus on upgrading current systems to ensure that this trend is not lost in the wake of increasing competition. Trains have already increased from an average 80mph to 100 mph, according to web data from the Ministry of Railways.

EPIN Technologies, Ltd. not only boasts of excellent experienced researchers, but also has closely collaborated with Tsinghua University and China Media University to develop new products and services. A research team of top-notch scholars from both universities have helped build a variety of core technologies, and also the new media business model.

EPIN Partners include leading developers of computer systems, software, and wireless communications products, which helps to keep abreast of the latest Wi-Fi technologies and localize them for special needs of the Chinese market.