UK visits to Antigua & Barbuda surge

The latest statistics published by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office showed a 6.8% increase in UK visitor arrivals in May, year on year.

“Since the UK is the primary source of tourism to our islands, this means that British visitors were the main contributors to the 8% overall increase in arrivals in Antigua and Barbuda that month,” said Carol Hay, Director of Marketing for UK and Europe.  “This is a great tribute to our industry colleagues, who had to compete with some major distractions that month to get anyone to go abroad at all!” 

Added Carol Hay: “British visitors continue to show the strong affinity for Antigua and Barbuda’s marvellous beaches, friendly people and value for money which generated such spectacular growth from this country in recent years.”

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ministry of Tourism, releasing the figures earlier this week, pointed to the major thrusts being undertaken in a number of markets to generate additional visitor arrivals from both traditional source markets and new areas.  Commented Director General of Tourism Lorraine Headley: “Overall we are pleased with the results for May given our expectations for growth with a wide range of events taking place then, including Sailing Week.”     

As part of the ambitious drive to win new visitors, Antigua and Barbuda, recently re-branded their tourism operation with a new-look logo and the slogan - ‘The beach is just the beginning’.  Created in the UK, this branding has now been rolled out worldwide to knit together all the strands of the country’s tourism marketing operation.