Summer fuels Korean expansion

Korean Air is adding more flights to its existing destinations such as Phuket, Ulaanbaatar and Prague in response to increasing travel demand from summer vacationers in July and August.Between July 12 and August 27, flight frequencies to Phuket, one of the most popular resort destinations in Southeast Asia will be increased from two to four services weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday). Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is located approximately 900 kilometers south of Bangkok. Most of its luxurious beach resorts offer breathtaking views and many hotels are located close to the beach, restaurants and shopping areas.

Korean Air’s flight frequencies to Ulaanbaatar, a destination popular for its natural and unpolluted environment, will be increased from three to six services weekly between June 30 and August 31. This will undoubtedly appeal to adventurers interested in exploring the nomadic lifestyles and intrepid travelers searching for unique experiences such as horse riding, fishing and trekking.

In addition, the airline’s extra flights to Prague, the Czech Republic, which were introduced last March will be operated as regular scheduled flights with effect from August 1.This brings the total number of Seoul - Prague services to four times weekly (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Prague is one of the few cities in Europe whose rich cultural heritage remains intact to this day. On top of its artistic beauty, Prague also has a rich history in music as it was home to many of the world’s most renowned musicians.