Air Canada rolls out US Flight Pass

Air Canada is expanding its line of innovative, multi-trip Flight Pass products to enable companies in the United States, ranging in size from small businesses to large corporations, to better manage travel while simplifying the booking process for employees. The multi-user Flight Passes allow companies to pre-purchase air travel on Air Canada and regional airline Air Canada Jazz, between the U.S. and Canada, and within Canada.

Air Canada’s ‘U.S. Small Business Pass’ is tailored for use by small-to- medium sized U.S.-registered companies and contains 30 flight credits that up to eight different employees can use over a six-month period. Designed to provide businesses with flexibility, it is available at, U.S. edition, and from travel agents.

For large U.S. corporations, Air Canada has introduced the ‘Corporate Pass’ offered exclusively to its best corporate clients on a negotiated basis. Each ‘U.S. Corporate Pass’ can be used by up to 300 employees. To suit a corporation’s travel needs, an unlimited amount of one way trip credits for travel within various geographic zones between the U.S. and Canada and within Canada may be purchased, simplifying the management of travel costs.

Air Canada’s ‘U.S. Small Business Pass’ and ‘U.S. Corporate Pass’ are available in two fare options, Tango Plus, Air Canada’s best value fare, or the Latitude fare, for maximum flexibility. Regardless of fare type, Aeroplan members earn 100% Air Canada Status Miles. Travel must be on E-ticket available flights operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz flights. Convenient online access through the customer’s personalized Flight Pass provides a quick, easy way to book travel and make changes, as well as enabling the corporation or travel agent to book, track and manage all user activity.

“Air Canada’s multi-user flight passes respond to the demand for a flexible pass product suited for small-to-medium size enterprises and large corporations. Since we introduced multi-user passes for Canadian businesses earlier this year, reaction has been extremely positive and demand continues to grow,” said Marc Rosenberg, Vice President, Sales and Product Distribution, Air Canada. “Subscribing to air travel with online convenience is an airline industry first, and underscores Air Canada’s commitment to lead the way by putting control back in the hands of customers. We plan on introducing more innovative products using technology to simplify travel, based on the overwhelmingly positive response from customers and travel agents to our multi- trip pass products.


“Air Canada’s new web platform makes it possible for up to eight people to use a single ‘Small Business Pass’ and as many as 300 people to use a single ‘Corporate Pass’, greatly simplifying travel management for companies of any size,” added Rosenberg.

Air Canada is the first full service airline in North America to have introduced everyday low, simplified online fares across its Canada and U.S. network. It further simplified its value-driven fare products by eliminating Saturday stay and return fare requirements. In addition, it has led the industry in launching a series of discounted multi-trip air passes that provide customers with savings and flexibility to self-manage frequent air travel using pre-purchased flight credits in a personalized online Flight Pass.

Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz operate more non-stop flights within Canada and to the United States than any other airline. Within Canada, the carriers operate approximately 960 non-stop flights per day on 131 routes to and from 67 airports. Between the United States and Canada, the carriers operate more than 390 non-stop flights per day on 89 routes to and from 51 U.S. and 7 Canadian destinations. In 2005, an independent survey of more than 12 million international air travelers ranked Air Canada as the Best Airline in North America.