Goats cause havoc on Tongan runway

Stray animals on Ha’apai airport in Tonga almost caused a disaster at the airport yesterday, when a plane was forced to abort landing, according to Pacific News. Magistrate Folau Lokotui, a passenger on the plane, told Radio and TV Tonga that passengers were shocked when the pilot pulled out of the landing and made another circle above the airport.

He said the pilot informed passengers that stray goats were on the tarmac.

“It’s very dangerous. This should not have happened and it might cost some lives because of neglect from civil aviation authorities. There were also some foreigners with us. This experience may discourage tourists if authorities don’t maintain the airport,” Magistrate Lokotui said.

According to Mr Lokotui, airport employees informed him that the fence around the airport was full of holes and cattle sometimes wander onto the tarmac.

“It’s crucial for the department to do their job and protect the airport from stray animals,” Mr Lokotui said.


“If there are holes in the fence, they should mend them straight away,” he added.