Travellers dogged by their pets

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey of more than 1,500 travelers worldwide, about half of all respondents who own pets travel with their furry friends. Forty-eight percent of travelers said the biggest reason they take their animals with them is that they simply enjoy spending their vacation with their pawed pals. Fifteen percent of travelers bring their companions along on vacation because their pet “gets upset” when they leave. The biggest concern among travelers taking trips with pets, according to 34 percent of the panel, is subjecting them to the stress of the flight or ride.

Curbed Vacations

Thirteen percent of respondents admitted that their pets actually prevent them from going on vacation. Thirty-seven percent of travelers would pay more for pet-friendly accommodations and 23 percent of respondents will only stay at animal-amiable lodging. Twenty-nine percent of respondents take fewer vacations so they won’t be away from their pets and 38 percent take shorter vacations for the same reason.

Ruff Accommodations

Fifty percent of all respondents feel that hotels need to be more accommodating for animals. Among amenities pet-owning travelers would like to see hotels provide, the majority (23 percent) requested pet-sitting services, followed by 22 percent who would like the option of hotel kennels. Twenty-one percent of travelers admitted to having smuggled a pet into a hotel room. Fifty-eight percent of travelers think airlines need to be more pet-friendly. When flying with a pet, 39 percent choose to bring them as a carry-on, while 14 percent feel comfortable passing them off as check-in luggage.


“Pet owners tend to be somewhat obsessive about their furry friends and it appears it’s no different when it involves vacation and traveling,” said Michele Perry, director of communications for TripAdvisor(TM) and somewhat obsessive dog owner. “Hoteliers and airlines have room to grow when it comes to pet amenities, as survey respondents have them in their collective dog house when it comes to their animal accommodations.”