Da Vinci Exhibit gets online airing

People thinking about a visit to the Palm Springs Air Museum to see the Da Vinci Experience exhibit can now have a sneak peek at some of the machines to be displayed by visiting www.davinciexperience.info. The exhibit will open on November 3rd and will be at the museum through March of next year.

“Our interest in creating the Da Vinci Experience Web site was to provide interested potential visitors with the fastest, cleanest and simplest way to get the essential information they need to see replicas of the more than 60 machines designed and described by Leonardo da Vinci,” said Godfrey Harris, Curator of the exhibit.

The Web site includes directions and ticket information for the exhibit, information about how the exhibit was created, how it is being presented, and pictures of some of Da Vinci’s machines.

The machines in the exhibit are organized around three themes: transportation, military and mechanical. Each replica has been built according to Da Vinci’s notes and with the materials available in 15th century Italy. Eleven machines are full-size and 25 are interactive. People of all ages will be fascinated by the chance to manipulate these machines to see how Da Vinci intended them to function. Each replica is displayed with an illustrated explanatory text, some with mechanical drawings of their modern equivalents, and some with 3-D animations of their operation.